~Thursday 13th of December 2018~

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Viva La Ukulele

Hi there and welcome to UkuTube! This is the place to be to watch and share ukulele related videos for free and with direct access to the UkuWorld resources such as UkuTabs, UkuChords, UkuGuides and much more! Feel free to have a look around, watch a few videos, give some supportive comments and above all, stay friendly! UkuWorld prides itself in being a supportive community where everyone is welcome. Want to share a video you made? Go ahead and submit it today! Simply register for an account and fill out the appropriate fields. After review (to check that it's truly ukulele related), it'll be posted to UkuTube for everyone to watch!

Made a wonderful cover on the ukulele or wrote an original song playing the ukulele? Use this form to share it with the UkuWorld community and the world to get some extra publicity and stand in the spotlight! Fill in the title of your video (this will appear on the front page), the YouTube ID (part of the URL, 11 letters or numbers) and your (artist) name. Also select if it's a cover or an original song. Vimeo support will come soon. After reviewing your video (making sure there's an ukulele in it and is a music video), I'll post it as soon as possible!

  • This is the title that will appear on the front page.
  • For example "puSkP3uym5k". This is part of the URL. Only YouTube videos for now.
  • Your name or your artist name.

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